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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon Plush Adventure Doll (Irwin Toy)

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Owning this plush was a little dream of mine. I can remember going to a toy store the year that this plush series was released and finding several of Scouts on the shelves. I hadn't realized they were out, they didn't have Sailor Moon in stock which is my favourite Scout and I didn't have much money at the time, so I decided not to buy any. Big mistake! I would love to have all the plushies that were released and most of them are kind of hard to come by these days. I can see that they were actually pretty cheap when they were released and now they can cost upwards of $40 with shipping just for one.

I finally managed to get Sailor Moon in box for $20 (plus an excessive amount for shipping) in January. It's one of the 2 Sailor Moon items that I really wanted growing up and that I let get away. So happy to finally have one in my collection. It's a little smaller than I expected even with the box, but it's really nicely made! I love the detail and her eyes and hair look really cute too! :3
6 years ago