Tayutama -Kiss On My Deity- - Kawai Ameri - 1/8 (Orchid Seed)Tayutama -Kiss On My Deity- - Kawai Ameri - 1/8 (Orchid Seed)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Scale & Dimensions
1/8  H=115mm (4.49in, 1:1=0.92m)
Release date
06/2010 As Standard
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Selling mine from France. Opened but like new : 50 €.
Seller with 100% positives evaluations.
Shipping : Free to France, 17,50 € to European Union and 37,10 € to US, Canada.
6 months ago
Selling her boxless, like new. PM for pics. EU-based, intl shipping (15euro trackable to US, Canada, AUS, etc)

Selling my entire collection LIST #113141
9 months ago
1 year ago
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
3 years ago
Still Selling
3 years ago
I'm trading or selling this figure! Please PM me If you are interested in buying or trading!

Shipping from Europe. Keep in mind international shipping can be high!
3 years ago
selling brand in new box $60 free usa shipping
3 years ago
I really want her, but that hand looks so bad :(
4 years ago
For some reason, smaller than I expected, but also dirtier (take a look in the 12th set of User pix to see what I mean), so it evens out. ^^;
5 years ago
Shadowstep5 years ago#3011957Can you empty your inbox, i have a proposal i think you would be interested in?

hi, i cleared my inbox. didn't realize it was full x,x
5 years ago