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Arknights - Schwarz - 1/7 - Elite 2 Ver. (Alter)
12/2023 As Exclusive (Japan)
41,800 JPY (USD)4560228206685
1/7  H=400mm (15.6in, 1:1=2.8m)
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Available via AmiAmi.


Had to cancel her sadly on AmiAmi, shipping will probably be high and I don't think she's be able to fit in my DETOLF. Also I think its best to save my money for AK operators I really want, I like Schwarz but she's not amongst my favorites. If she somehow goes on the pre-owned market below retail I'll consider again.
2 days ago
Another delay would not surprise me but I would really rather get it this year
8 days ago
u3u__rin11 days ago#130546765any place to order her where i can pay over time?Probably unlikely for such an offering because this one is an exclusive release, and one pretty much has to go through AmiAmi. There is a chance it will still be in-stock after release for sometime since it isn’t listed as limited, but only exclusive. So you could save up those monthly payments and go for it once you have the total. Plus, if you are lucky, you might even get a discount by that time.
11 days ago
u3u__rin ∩^ω^∩
any place to order her where i can pay over time?
11 days ago
so so so gorgeous amazing done⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾
12 days ago
Praying this doesnt get delayed alongside the other Alter stuff, even tho December is gonna be a pretty packed month in term of figure releases.
This is the only one I dont mind paying a kidney and a liver in shipping and customs just to get her in time for xmas.
17 days ago
selling my pre order slot in the Philippines
p.o. price 22,420
dp: 3100
1 month ago
u3u__rin1 month ago#129587960do u guys think she’ll decrease in price?? for aftermarket obv

I think it would be a very rare aftermarket price drop, I don't count on it, rather, I think the price will go up a lot. It is a figure sold exclusively on amiami, although it can also be found on Taobao. I don't know if she's a very popular character, the more popular she is, the more the price goes up. Based on the number of people who say they've ordered her on mfc, there are very few figures...
It will all depend on the units finally manufactured and the number of cancellations.
Due to her high price, and surely an absurd shipping price from amiami, a lot of people will cancel her, me among them, probably... Maybe there is a high availability of figures in the market and their high price can make them not to be sold and end up lowering the price... but I don't think so.
I don't forget the speculators looking like crazy for more Prinz Eugen units and bragging here that they had managed to sell them for $800 each.
Speculation in figure collecting is a fast growing disease in this hobby and we won't stop it as long as there are people capable of paying any amount to have their favourite character in the display case...
So I don't think the price will go down, at least not in the short term.
1 month ago
This is going to be an awesome Christmas gift if it drops on time
1 month ago
u3u__rin1 month ago#129587960do u guys think she’ll decrease in price?? for aftermarket obv

Who knows? Lot of figures have been binning it looks like and lot of good looking Alter ones too. I have a preorder still because I figure why not, but trying to guess the aftermarket price is trying to guess the stock market behavior tomorrow.
1 month ago


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