Inuburo Kogashuu - Kokuten Tae - 1/7 (Orchid Seed)Inuburo Kogashuu - Kokuten Tae - 1/7 (Orchid Seed)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Scale & Dimensions
1/7  H=105mm (4.1in, 1:1=0.74m)
Release dates
02/07/2018 As Standard
05/21/2015 As Standard
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Base size: 150mm x 125mm

Orders for the 2015 release via Orchid Seed come with a body mitten(washing glove) PICTURE #1124993 nsfw
Orders for the 2018 release via Orchid Seed come with a A3 poster PICTURE #1789269 nsfw and can be placed between the 7th July 2017 to the 28th August 2017.


tharris5213 days ago#78029992Looking to buy if anyone is currently sellingselling pmed you
14 hours ago
Selling all the different versions
14 hours ago
Looking to buy if anyone is currently selling
13 days ago
Willing to buy one, am from Austria. Would prefer a condition as good as new. PM me
1 month ago
SELLING MINE FOR 50EUR! check it out
2 months ago
Discount Price : 100 EUR ( Shipping out )
2 months ago
Selling Mine , 120€ ( shipping out ) , Displayed in showcase , like new with box
Serious Seller
3 months ago
Selling mine, mail rodrigo.sanchezlud@gmail.com
4 months ago
HSkeleton1 year ago#52554770I really liked this figure but after all the recolors and more figs announced of her by Orchid Seed it's really turned me off from this character. Too much of a good thing?

There is no thing like too much Tae.
I like this and the 1/5.5 version very much.

And will buy the pyjama Tae and her friend.

Tae needs a good home
8 months ago
Selling mine, damaged $60 CLASSIFIED #177045 thanks for looking! :)
1 year ago