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Original Character - Creator's Collection - Elevator Girl - 1/7 (Native)Original Character - Creator's Collection - Elevator Girl - 1/7 (Native)

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Original Character - Creator's Collection - Elevator Girl - 1/7 (Native)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  H=110mm (4.29in, 1:1=0.77m)
Release date
06/19/2015 As Limited + Exclusive
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Made to order.

Order period: 2014/10/6 ~ 2014/12/15


Selected Comments
omniotaku (3 years ago) #3103232No that is not how shit works. Even if "opened" up after sex it will return to normal quickly and wont extend out that much. Hers is giant meat flaps that look quite permanently stuck out.
Even though it's a native figure and her private parts are also part of the discussion, I'd pretty much appreciate if you could tone it down a bit. 50% of vaginas look like that and it's because of people like you and comments like "flapping monsters" that most of the woman are ashamed of her private parts and think they are disgusting when they are perfectly fine.
3 years ago
omniotaku (3 years ago) #3104164Shit happens, dudes get stuff about their private parts too. Size, angle all that shit. People got preferences either way.
that doesn't mean you can just come here and rant about your personal preferences like that. it's a figure collection site in case you haven't noticed. if you don’t like how native sculpted her vagina, fine, you are free to voice that. but I refuse to sit back and watch while you spam this figure entry with multiple comments on how ugly and 'deformed' women are that don't meet your beauty standards.
3 years ago
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A/A condition
crystalrain (2 months ago) #36926187selling her
box and figure like new

still available 89
1 month ago
I saw all the gentials comments so I went to look at a picture to see what all the fuss was about and... what?

She barely even has a sculpted vagina, is anything more than a flat barbie or a pink slit really too much? Jeez, you aren't ready for the real world if you think that.
1 month ago
hughjazz44 (3 years ago) #3122082I love the sculpt on her vagina! Way better than the "traditional" glossy pink line. And anybody here who says that they don't look like that irl has clearly not seen enough vaginas (probably none), and anybody that says they don't like the way it looks will probably never be with one.
I should've bought this. Now I'm gonna have to pay inflated prices to get her. *sigh*

Literally everything I was thinking.
1 month ago
selling her
box and figure like new
2 months ago
4 months ago
Pre-owned A/A condition at 14.2K.
7 months ago
emosuccubus (7 months ago) #30903931i think its because the subject matter at hand isnt a popular one, it seems kinda noncon to me
You're probably spot on, I'm not 100% sure if it's noncon because it's kind of inexplicit? Which is.. uncomfy. Even I was a little irked (kind of still am) because it can be interperated either as an exhibitionism type situation or as a rapey situation.. :S not ideal.
7 months ago
murdoch (8 months ago) #30756962Honestly??? I was wondering the same thing. It's very perplexing for me because I opened mine today and was sincerely blown away at how beautiful she was, she's one of Native's best figures in my opinion, and I'm surprised her price didn't skyrocket.. the aftermarket is so strange and unpredictable for me haha

i think its because the subject matter at hand isnt a popular one, it seems kinda noncon to me
7 months ago
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