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Ergo Proxy - Pino (Melting Neuron)
Release date
2009 As Standard
Japanese19,179 hits • 9 comments13 likes



Wonder Festival 2009 Summer


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1 year ago
Still trying to find =(

If somebody want to sell - please contact me! =)
3 years ago
omg lmfao she's soo aodrable!!
4 years ago
I want to buy Pino. If somebody want to sell - please contact me! =)
I will give very good money!
5 years ago
Never really understood why they didn't make a Re-l Mayer figure.
5 years ago
Pino is reading a book!!! :<
6 years ago
Just Pino... I want Vincent and Re-l pvc figures :/
7 years ago
Wow! Was not expecting this!!! I'd love of figure of the Proxy!
7 years ago
oh that angry face, pino you are so cute :P
7 years ago
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