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I wish they would restock the prepainted version... sigh
6 months ago
I still have an unopened e2046 kit which has been sitting around for a while because i just never had the time to work on it :/
So at this point i would be willing to sell it for 50€ + shipping.
I’m open for price negotiations.
9 months ago
Such a pity that he isn't made into a prepainted pvc figure...Sigh
1 year ago
1 year ago
amy616 Let's DANCE
Praying ALTAIR will take him...
6 years ago
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
This GK is really questionable. It's great in looks but the clothes parts are somewhat rough and require a lot of extra finishing work.

By the way, it has two alternative heads. Time to work with magnets :3
6 years ago
grahamaker6 years ago#3410780Arigatou Hurricanesama !!!!

Doitashimashite grahamaker! :) I'm glad to help! I was so excited seeing this guy pop up!
6 years ago
The-Hurricane6 years ago#3410614Mwahhaa YES I QUOTED YOU ALL.
Because I just want to let everybody know. The E20** site we don't talk about on here because it sells recasts is releasing this as a pre-painted figure in their "gathering" section. Go add this to your wishlists so you're all updated about it everybody, because they only do one run, and if you find out about it after it's out-of-stock, you won't get a second chance! The price for this is going to be $150 when it's done. They also sell the GK version for $50 if you want to take a crack at trying it yourself.
*Scuttles away*

Arigatou Hurricanesama !!!!
6 years ago
Ugh, GK. but I particularly love this outfit so much...
7 years ago
I don't mind that it's a garage kit, I just want to buy it. Sigh
7 years ago