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ZONE-00 - Benten - 1/7 (Max Factory)

ZONE-00 - Benten - 1/7 (Max Factory)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  H=300mm (11.7in, 1:1=2.1m)
Release date
09/29/2014 As Standard
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Limited First Edition pre-order bonus: Clear postcard illustrated by Kiyo QJO.

Good Smile Online Shop pre-order bonus: B3 Poster illustrated by Kiyo QJO.

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Oh for fuck's sake... Not this again.

Oh no! Another pretty male got made! Its not fair that there's so many of these and not thousands of sexy ladies to look at! Gosh it sucks that we're in the minority where we get all these men and women are few and far between! We have so much to complain about since our choices are so limited!
3 years ago
*read the comments below*
With all these...shouts - it's time just to specify as part of the official description that it's HE and His gender is MALE - in the data above. Just to people with poor eyesight and bishounens haters not get cognitive dissonances and not poured out it in the comments - the first is bad for their health, the second - for ours.

Benten never tried to seem a girl or positioned himself so, it's manga's canon and he can easy to hit between the legs or in face to any person for such heresy.
His style is screaming, provocative, GORGEOUS - but it's JUST a style. And he justifies it with his deep conviction that all yatagarasu, the messengers of Heaven, should be beautiful as GODs. Everything else justified a simple phrase (official translation by Tokyopop).
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i836.photobucket.com/albums/zz288/Lilith_Krusnik/IMG_0013_zps89bdb053.jpg
Don't know for who is more sorry at such moments - for the characters or for people who can't appreciate the beauty tolerantly >_>
3 years ago
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In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥80,080)

Product page : www.ninoma.com/...
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 713 USD | 601 EUR | 889 CAD
takenyaka Lunar Kaworu
what the heck happened with his price? he was around original price or below for such a long time, and then suddenly he sells for 500-900$ lol what?
I guess it is time to rerelease, Max Factory
2 days ago
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥28,750)

Pre Owned for ¥28,750
└ Check product page for item condition.
I'm so glad I was finally able to get a copy, and for a decent price too! He looks absolutely gorgeous and is really eye-catching and beautiful. My collection would never have been complete without him.
19 days ago
Selling brand new sealed with first release postcard for $500 shipped
4 months ago
damn i wish i could buy him but prices are insane..
6 months ago
selling mine - like new condition
6 months ago
concf (6 months ago) #21383189www.suruga-ya.j... thats too much :(
12000 yen is the price Surugaya is willing to pay, so they can sell it on their side.

$400 is indeed expensive, but 12000 yen is also too low. XD
6 months ago
MiyabiRei (6 months ago) #21364811still selling brand new $400 shipped with first release post card
www.suruga-ya.j... thats too much :(
6 months ago
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