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  • thanks for answering me you guys, you're the bestView spoilerHide spoilerI really love Levi but i don't want anouther figure of him unless he survives the ending. I have read a bit ahead of where the latest season ended but stopped because I'd like to watch the anime first in 2022. If anyone could reply or pm me whether he survives or not i would really appreciate it. Otherwise please ignore this comment and don't tell me if he dies because literally all my other fave characters from Aot are dead and it would make me sad
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    my problem with this set of Levi, Eren and Mikasa is the ugly tree trunk. Would look far better upon a roof, titan or just mid air.
    4 days ago
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    Beanime16 days ago#95014305I can’t decide between getting this figure or wait and pray that the fortitude one will get a rerelease too...
    I’d ideally love to have eren and mikasa from artfx and the fortitude levi bc I think it would look nice to display, but the temptation to get this one is too strong!
    Anyone has the same doubts?

    I own both of them, and they are both great. Personally, this one holds a soft spot for me. I think they will eventually maybe release the fortitude version again, but if you’re a Levi fan, get both. You can’t find them much cheaper than this one. I doubt they are going to immediately re-release fortitude. Plus, this figure skyrockets aftermarket.

    This one getting a re-release was a dream come true for me. I need a backup...just in case. XD
    Not to mention, those damn blades are the bane of my existence. Can’t have too many. I’d die instantly in Titan country, quite apparently.

    As far as display, I currently have mine as a character collection of all my Levi figures and merch. But, with Kotobukiya Mikasa, this is for sure the best partner for her. I may cancel Eren. I almost feel like he ruins the Ackerman ninja scout scene. Also keep in mind that Fortitude Levi is a larger scale than Mikasa, so Levi is larger than her. If you’re going for a scene approach, it will be off.
    5 days ago
    CSpaz16 days ago#95014326I almost feel like they are doing this on purpose, and will announce a re-release of the Fortitude ver. once the preorders on this one have been closed

    I totally agree that they're going to announce Fortitude ver. afterwards, and I totally caved in and ordered this, because I'm that weak. .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.
    6 days ago
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