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Namori - Yuru Yuri - Namori Gashu "Yurunamori" (Art Book)  (Ichijinsha)Namori - Yuru Yuri - Namori Gashu "Yurunamori" (Art Book) (Ichijinsha)

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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥7,050)

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really nice! found a mint copy on mandarake for 1200 yen!
uploaded some pics ^_^
more pics on my tumblr: part 1 - part 2
9 months ago
I just got this today and really the only thing I have a problem with is the fact that the horizontal pictures should have been turned on their side so we could have seen a bigger image... if that makes sense.

I thought it was really cute how the page numbers were labelled with little namoris lol
5 years ago
Thanks for the heads up astrum. :)

I usually don't purchase any illustration books if it were below 50 pages. But it seems worth with the amount which this brings. I'll pick it up eventually, I just love the series.
5 years ago
astrum the unnecessary guy
So I just received my copy earlier today. To be honest, I'm content, but I am also kind of disappointed. Most of the art features 1 or 2 characters (like in a few of the pictures I uploaded) doing something (yuri <3), or just posing. A good 90-95% of the book is like that without any background and A LOT OF SPACE FEELS WASTED. A good half of the illustrations then feature namori's doodling on the top and bottom with the middle panel filled with the art, and a majority of the book is art based on the comic adapted into an Anime "Yuru Yuri". VERY FEW PICTURES ACTUALLY FILL IN THE WHOLE PAGE. Only about 9 pages are actually filled in (with characters AND a background). All in all, Namori's art is wholesomely cute to look at, but this book falls short not only because it's generally smaller than most artbooks, but because the content is less than one would expect from an "artbook". I hope Namori releases better commercial works in the future because if they don't... I probably won't be buying anymore of their books. Absolutely loved Yuru Yuri though.
5 years ago
I got it from HobbySearch: www.1999.co.jp/...
EMS shipping only and it was 3,200 yen to the continent of Oceania(I bought it with an A5 manga).
5 years ago
Here it is on Amiami (sold out for now).
5 years ago
astrum the unnecessary guy
Here it is on Amazon Japan www.amazon.co.j... I'd recommend CD Japan. Their costs after shipping are $61 USD for FedEx ~2 days to deliver and $52 USD for SAL shipping ~2 weeks to deliver. The book isn't A4, so it's not too large for it's price, but a friend of mine says it's very well worth the money. As a Yuru Yuri fan, I can't turn it down, so I went and got it from CD Japan and used my 1000 points to get it for 42 bucks. Namori's art work is just too... unbearable not to have...

I didn't see this put up, so I just thought I'd go ahead and do it. This is my first addition. Please let me know if there are any problems at all, criticism is welcomed. Thanks, everyone.
5 years ago


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