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Vampire - Morrigan Aensland (Yamato)
Scale & Dimensions
H=60mm (2.34in)
Release date
11/2006 As Standard
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AmethystDream8 months ago#70299614Selling both her and Lilith:

Price lowered!
7 months ago
Selling both her and Lilith:
8 months ago
PM me if you’re selling :)
Mine was missing a wing. Not a big deal! She’s still gorgeous. If I wanted to make a replacement, does anyone know any materials I could make it out of?
1 year ago
Possibly. PM me if you're seriously interested. (Seems I can't PM you.)LowDropRate2 years ago#30933015Damn ittttt I missed it! Anyone else selling?
2 years ago
Dabookerman2 years ago#27190028Selling. Please PM if interested :)

Damn ittttt I missed it! Anyone else selling?
2 years ago
Selling. Please PM if interested :)
2 years ago
Looking to buy located in the U.S.

PM me if selling
3 years ago
If anyone is selling in 2017, please let me know! :)
3 years ago
Hi, I need her, contact me
Thanks bye
4 years ago
angardia5 years ago#3172699View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/1W3QdQ9l.jpg
this large....

I'm not sure if this applies to everybody's, but I just got mine, and she came with a sort of green putty filling in some of the extra space in that cavity. It also helped to keep her bangs in place of course.

andypandy5 years ago#3157164That's a good price! Let us know how she turned out.

Talking about the one that I got though, she looks great. She came with 2 cracks on the hair that hangs over her left arm, and little bit of chipping on the ends of her wings, but that isn't particularly noticeable. Aside from that though, she's great, I'm really happy with the price I got her for!
5 years ago