Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - F:Nex - 1/4 - Nihon Ningyou (FuRyu, Yoshitoku)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - F:Nex - 1/4 - Nihon Ningyou (FuRyu, Yoshitoku)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - F:Nex - 1/4 - Nihon Ningyou (FuRyu, Yoshitoku)
10/2024 As Limited + Exclusive (Japan)
180,000 JPY (USD)4580736409460
1/4  H=410mm (15.99in, 1:1=1.64m)
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Orders via Furyu Hobby Mall can be placed between the 24th March 2023 from 10:00JST until the 2nd June 2023 at 23:59JST.
Available via AmiAmi


Available for pre-order @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥218,790)
=> F:Nex - Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku 1/4 - Nihon Ningyou Ver. (Limited Edition) [FuRyu]
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TOYKAN posted a video of the prototype
5 days ago
Wow, they really outdid themselves on this Nihon Ningyou, I think Miku’s is the best I’ve seen so far from this line! Even the little bird is adorable and immensely detailed, not to mention Miku’s elegant stance and facial expression really bringing the whole thing together! I congratulate the lucky people getting to add this work of art to their collections!
1 month ago
How big do people think her base will be? It looks roughly the same size as Magical Mirai 2020 Summer but I’m not entirely sure
1 month ago
This one is pretty similar to the Hanairogoromo Miku except without the paper umbrella and a more detailed kimono
1 month ago
Her order has already closed on AmiAmi, that was incredibly fast 0_0
1 month ago
www.youtube.com... skip to 5:35... this is the quality of a £1k+ figure? simply no.
2 months ago
TheNewCreator2 months ago#122209119It's unfair to say this prize figure quality just because there's no shading. Pricing aside, I'm in the minority that I really like F:Nex figures. The ones I've bought have really detailed shading and highlighting, but the colors they use aren't as "intense" as other manufacturers.
2 months ago
It's unfair to say this prize figure quality just because there's no shading. Some figures have more shading and some don't. F:NEX especially likes to use the transparent-ish hair that doesn't have shading. You can see this on their Rem 1/4 and white kimono 1/7. It's an artistic choice as there's shading on Pekora 1/4's hair which is similar in price and hype as this one.
2 months ago
Klon2 months ago#122101188I'd agree to that. Yoshitoku's Japanese Dolls all have synthetic hair and for my aesthetic feeling, that is almost a must if you use fabric clothes.
Maybe a doll company like Volks with their Dollfies might have been the better choice for such a cooperation but then you might see the ball joints which doesn't look very aesthetic either and the price wouldn't be that agreeable as well.
I guess, there's always something that could be done better.

I agree, if it was another figure manufacturer doing the collaboration, such as Alter or Myethos, they would have payed more attention to the subtle details of the figure, the hair, shading of the skin.

It's ironic that Furyu would neglect to pay attention to the detail of the hair on a Miku figure of this scale (and price) especially as her hair is a defining feature.

The gap in standards between the figure details and the exquisite materials provided by Yoshitoki gives the impression that the kimono is wearing Miku, rather than the two being in harmony to create a truly beautiful piece, which is what anyone should expect for £1300
2 months ago