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Mitsumete Knight - Anne - 1/6 (Kaiyodo)Mitsumete Knight - Anne - 1/6 (Kaiyodo)

Mitsumete Knight - Anne - 1/6 (Kaiyodo)
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12/24/1998 As Limited
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Limited to 1000 pieces.


That figure is part of a series of 4 (the other three figures being Sophia Robelingue, Raizze Haimer, and Hanna Shawski).

I've heard about that fabled series of Mitsumete Knight figures before, but having never found data about them on more than a single website, and knowing the sad fate of that franchise (it lasted only one year, in 1998, before Konami canned it), I thought they had been cancelled...

Until I've discovered this Aucfan archive of an Anne figure: aucview.aucfan.... .
So they do exist! They're just incredibly rare: only 1000 pieces each!

Couldn't find a better picture of that figure, and none for the other three (EDIT: View spoilerHide spoilerNo longer the case! I've managed to get a copy of Dengeki B-Magazine July 1998 issue, the magazine itself and its bundled B-Rom had pictures of them, all three entries are now up! AT LAST!! ITEM #225147 ITEM #225148 ITEM #225149) ; same for the JAN code. So feel free to add them if you have/know them.

EDIT (May 17th, 2015): For some reason, Aucfan archived images are now available to me, so the full pictures from the auction are up! Image is now satisfying enough, so undrafting the entry, but please do not hesitate alerting it if you find an even better picture!
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