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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Stocking Anarchy - 1/8 (Orchid Seed)Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Stocking Anarchy - 1/8 (Orchid Seed)

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Will this figure ever get coloured?
Will it ever get a release date?
Find out next time on DRAGON BALL Z!
3 years ago
Man eats contaminated burger.
Man becomes zombie.
Virus spreads.
Zombie apocalypse happens.
Everyone dies.
Orchid Seed releases the pre-painted version of Stocking.
2 years ago
Recent Comments
HibiChika (6 months ago) #32042177nice but also cool
Would be very cool if there had been any updates during the past 4 years...
6 months ago
nice but also cool
6 months ago
Stalking (7 months ago) #31312561M-maybe summer wonfest 2018 is the one, guys.... ):
H-hopefully. Standing with you mate!
7 months ago
Stalking Loli hunter
M-maybe summer wonfest 2018 is the one, guys.... ):
7 months ago
If there is no news of this figure on this Wonfest, I'm ridding her from my updates. Hopes have rise and dashed too many times.
8 months ago
Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
I came here to check on her for WonFest, but . . . T-T
8 months ago
Such a beauty, how come she's not given priority?

I wonder how companies gauge consumer interest and if there is any way to get numbers on this figure.
1 year ago
Such a beautiful figure.. shame they haven't released her yet.
1 year ago
The pose is excellent, hopefully they don't cancel this sweet figure.
1 year ago
emosuccubus (1 year ago) #18593047good to hear she wasnt in forgotten and is just stuck in development hell
hopefully we'll see her painted next wonfest??

Wishing the same. However she has been in production for so long that I'm scared to hope for anything. However seems like we'll get her someday! Someday...
1 year ago
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