OS-tan - ME tan - 1/8 (Yuuyu)OS-tan - ME tan - 1/8 (Yuuyu)¥ Buy¥ Buy

OS-tan - ME tan - 1/8 (Yuuyu)
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05/2005 As Standard
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Hi!I'm selling my Me-tan 1/8 Scale Figure for $40.

Here is the link to my ad: CLASSIFIED #211668
23 days ago
I have my second one on the way should be delivered for me to pick up from my friend who is a po box for me, but, now I have one that's broken/ may be missing things unsure as listing didn't describe and a brand new one. Broken one may be fixed or made into art piece lol.
1 month ago
i finally have you u are so precious to me
1 month ago
I need me a big ME tan <3 :’)
3 months ago
if anyone ever finds her please let me know i feel hopeless and shes my most wanted figure ;___;
4 months ago
just got her yesterday and im in love...;-;
4 months ago
dokidoki azusa girl
Won on eBay within the US for only $40 ^____^ Lucky day
5 months ago
ebay listing for the hefty price of 80 USD (+ 6 dollar shipping).
im not sure why the price is that high either...
5 months ago
pls let me know if ur selling her or where to find her!
5 months ago
BABY!!! i finally got you ;0;
5 months ago
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