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Fate/Stay Night - Tohsaka Rin (Taito)
Scale & Dimensions
H=180mm (7.02in)
Release date
01/2010 As Prize
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This is actually a very nice looking prize figure
3 years ago
mandarake 600 yen - ekizo.mandarake...
5 years ago
I think this a nice figure and I love her outfit and face. I haven't scratched her with the leg holder thing but I do think it takes away from the whole image if used.
9 years ago
This figure seems to look pretty average, but this is just at the 1st glance. The manufacturing quality is very bad. You need a holder behind her right leg and it's IMPOSSIBLE to not scratch riffles into her thigh trying to put it on! The low price doesn't justify such bad quality.
10 years ago
While she will stand up OK initially beware she does need the post & clamp to hold her up, as due to the soft plastic she is made from she will lean without it:-(
10 years ago