Mirai Nikki - Gasai Yuno - 1/8 (Butanabe no Ie)Mirai Nikki - Gasai Yuno - 1/8 (Butanabe no Ie)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Mirai Nikki - Gasai Yuno - 1/8 (Butanabe no Ie)
Scale & Dimensions
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02/09/2014 As Limited
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How does Yuno not have a lot of figures???
3 months ago
if you have this, im looking to pay hundreds-thousands! my discord is nevada#9706 and my instagram is @dominoschan. thanks.
6 months ago
we need more yuno figures like omg
1 year ago
I think this one is rarest than the RAH one!! I also love this figure tho!!
1 year ago
i personally like this one a bit more than the other figure... this ones getting too much hate :,,( it’s a garage kit which means u have to put in the work to make it look good. so if u find someone who’s really good at that kinda stuff (painting it and polishing etc) it could look wayyyy better than this official pic, in fact i wonder if anyone has gotten it and did a better paint job then the official? (will have to search around bc the official ones don’t do this justice rlly)... i feel like if there was blood splattered on her and and the colors were better, it could be a really good fig of yuno!!

there’s also another garage kit of her not in this database that i think looks really good... gks are a hassle tho i understand, and some may find it better to just get an already completed fig. for myself personally, I’ll hope i can someday grab one of her garage kits and find someone to paint it for me and really bring out her character..!!
1 year ago
I would do anything for a Yuno figure :(
1 year ago
her face looks idk.... gross
but i would still buy it bc im desperate for a yuno figure
1 year ago
I still cannot believe there is no nendoroid figure of her at all.
1 year ago
autumnskies3 years ago#31074494She has a RAH figure but it's not as good as I'd hope. ITEM #118075 not really besides it is good enough to be one of the rarest RAH figures ever if not the rarest
3 years ago
Chloe-tsundere7 years ago#2048585Well their PO sure take long it pisses me off.. First time i bought from them and probably te last
Sucks indeedc guess i will buy the RAH if i can find her
She has a RAH figure but it's not as good as I'd hope. ITEM #118075
3 years ago