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Kill la Kill - Matoi Ryuuko - Senketsu - Figma #220 (Max Factory)Kill la Kill - Matoi Ryuuko - Senketsu - Figma #220 (Max Factory)

Kill la Kill - Matoi Ryuuko - Senketsu - Figma #220 (Max Factory)
Scale & Dimensions
H=145mm (5.66in)
Release dates
10/30/2017 As Standard
09/20/2014 As Standard
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RERELEASE TOMORROW ON PO twitter.com/fig...
August release, 5370¥ without tax

1 year ago
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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥6,390)

Brand New for ¥6,390
└ A treasure is waiting for you! ✗
In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥6,162)

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Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 55 USD | 46 EUR | 68 CAD
purinbun (1 month ago) #31728915Still selling her, 4500¥, new and never opened CLASSIFIED #141637.Still available~
6 days ago
Selling her for €30/$35 (excl. Shipping)with the box, and all accessories. PM me if interested :)
29 days ago
Looking to buy GSC Mako cut out I’ll pay $30 for it. I’m from US
1 month ago
I have one for sale BNIB. UK based, PM me if you are interested.
1 month ago
Still selling her, 4500¥, new and never opened CLASSIFIED #141637.
1 month ago
Can't remember if i'v written my opinion/review of this figure but I'll do a mini run down for those still thinking of getting her.
First off the figure is really well done for her size, and painted well the colours are spot on and vibrant, her articulation is also as impressive as you'd expect from a figma, also you can pivot her ankle it just takes a little fiddling around. One thing to mention about the sculpt that some of you may find distracting is were her chest meets the torso there's a kind of layer of plastic which allows articulation of the top half of her body but I can understand if some find this odd looking, personally I don't mind it at all. Next her accessories, first she comes with the standard figma bits and pieces, the figma bag (for holding accessories) the figma stand (for posing etc), and alternative faces and hands, for the hands she has fist hands, sword holding hands and some style pose hands for different posing options, in terms of the faces, she has a standard anime girl smile face (not the best likeness to the character in my opinion, just seems kinda off), also a yelling face (which looks awesome definitely the best face in my opinion) and lastly a battle wounded/blushing face. In terms of other accessories she has her scissor blade both regular and decapitation mode version (both look nice but feel a little cheap and could of done with some more glossy/metallic finish on both sides) and that's about it for ryuko, it is worth mentioning for those who don't know, if you purchase satsuki you do get an additional peg to connect both girls scissor blade together to form the full/complete scissor blade (pretty cool detail).
All in all she's quite the stunning piece from max factory and a must have in my opinion to fans of kill la kill who enjoy the six inch line of figures!
2 months ago
Selling mine, FREE shipping. Brand new, Pm for details.
3 months ago
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