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so i am guessing this piece is canceled.
4 months ago
Every time I see a picture of an Amazon figure I come back to this page and cry a lot.
1 year ago
Dayum! What happened to this?
3 years ago
My heart is still broken, Empty.

How can you do this to me :(
4 years ago
I asked Empty directly, this was their response.

株式会社empty 原田 <harada@empty.co.jp>
8:22 PM (6 minutes ago)

to me
Dear (Me).

My name is Rie Harada.
Thank you for your communication.
And thank you for waiting.
(I am sorry without having English too much)


The product does not have the release plan by various reasons.

We appreciate your understanding.
And thank you very much for taking an interest in our product.

Yours sincerely
Rie Harada

Well, shit. I don't take it as a cancellation, but it's not the best news either.
6 years ago
Xwing6 years ago#3150564I hope she's not cancelled :O
Same here. Been a long time time since any updates have occurred for her.
6 years ago
I hope she's not cancelled :O
6 years ago
Still no news on her :( It's breaking my heart.
6 years ago
Been a while since any new info has been released on her. I am curious how the painted prototype will look.
7 years ago
Dat a...xe!
7 years ago
Your source for old and rare figurines!


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