Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - POP! Rocks  (39) - POP! Vinyl (Funko Toys)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - POP! Rocks (39) - POP! Vinyl (Funko Toys)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - POP! Rocks  (39) - POP! Vinyl (Funko Toys)
08/2014 As Standard (Japan)
1,388 JPY (USD)4580279615625
07/2014 As Standard (United States)
10.00 USD0849803038229
H=90mm (3.51in)
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Hello, this is animota.net!
We are pleased to list our Hatsune Miku figures for sale here.
We have a lot of them, so please come and take a look.

Hatsune Miku / VOCALOID figures and goods
I'm selling this figure and many others as part of my collection sell-off.
Please send me a message with your best offer, and if you buy more than 1 figure I'll give a discount.
Thank you!
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8 months ago
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I have a bootleg of her where the ponytails both kept falling off, shes missing her "01" tattoo thing, and her face is very very,,, rounded,,,,,,, i love her to death she is the highlight of my funko collection lol
2 years ago
I kinda regret getting it tbh

this was back in my faze where along with this I wished for unofficial Minecraft books for Christmas (not a proud moment in my life)

it's been sitting in my closet for so long that the twintails have been bent. it can't stand up on it's own anymore. I have it set on my mini ms pac man arcade game with the twintails hanging off the side just so I can display it. honestly, I probably shouldn't waste space in the first place by displaying it

the appearance is just unappealing and I can't seem to feel happy about owning it

overall a 3/10; i don't recommend wishing away your chance to get a good Christmas present over this
4 years ago
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karolannafellows6 years ago#25777542Selling for $11 plz pm if interested possibly can do without postage
If in the US

Is it still available?
4 years ago
I am still trying to know what is cool about these toys because I can't find anything, I hate them and every time I ask my friends about the reason why they like them they can't answer me. I know me shouldn't discuss taste but.. ugh
5 years ago
Selling for $11 plz pm if interested possibly can do without postage
If in the US
6 years ago
kokonoe6 years ago#18513111this line is so horrible... and I'm so irritated everytime I go into a videogame shop or geeky shop.... it's almost the only figures they have... I can't blame people who can't afford nendo or just want non-japanese pop-culture characters but still... aesthetic should matter... seriously ....
I'm not a fan either :p
The only reason I have this one is because it was a gift from a friend.
Even then, I'm still not a fan of them, specially Miku. It just seems off. I think it's mostly because I'm used to nendoroids of anime characters. Non-anime nendoroids (like the Joker omg) seem to tick me off and anime funkos do too. Maybe there's a connection lol. It might be something lost in translating the artstyle, idk.
6 years ago