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Log Horizon - Settei Shiryoushuu (Enterbrain, Kadokawa)

Log Horizon - Settei Shiryoushuu (Enterbrain, Kadokawa)
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04/21/2014 As Standard
263 pages
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This is a brilliant book!

Lots of character design drawings, Pretty much every character getting a few colour pics (It seems literally every character is included, even those in only a single scene or non-talking background Adventurers & people of the land),
then there's a large section of detailed B&W line-drawings of creatures, locations, weapons and objects followed by what looks like an interview with possibly some of the anime staff & then some really beautiful colour scenery plates at the back.

If you liked Log Horizon I'd say this is a must buy, Naturally it's all Japanese but as it's pretty much all images apart from the short interview section that really shouldn't hold you back.

I can imagine this being a fantastic reference resource for Cosplayers, as some of the costumes, especially for the main characters get a lot of attention and some very detailed diagrams.
Flicking through it just has me itching to try a Log Horizon Cosplay!

Great book, I hope the upcoming second series also gets a volume!

An Instant favourite item in my collection, Highly recommended!
3 years ago
Let's Enjoy OTAKU Life!


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