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Also exists in clear version and comes with Sabotender / Comes with a Ragnarok piece in Japanese version


I love siren but...
8 years ago
Wow I have had this on my shelf since 02, never noticed it had bendable doll joints...

Either that or I just forgot, either way its not worth taking out of the packaging its pretty ugly as sanzo has said.
10 years ago
One of the ugliest figurines as well in color as transparent I think :(
10 years ago
this one is cheaper lol
10 years ago
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
Interesting I didn't know that. ^_^ I'll change it to garage kit then.
10 years ago
There was a limited released for the resin kit.Most of the older 1/6 or 1/8 Final Fantasy figures have resin kits produced. Kotobukiya still makes garage kits but only for Wonderfest events now. At one time the were the biggest GK manufacturer: www.hlj.com/hlj...
10 years ago
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
I changed to from action figure to completed model as AFAIK Kotobukiya does not make garage kits. If any one knows more about this could they fix it up.
10 years ago
The picture looks more like a completed garage kit, also manufactured.
It doesn't show the action figure
11 years ago