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Shingeki no Kyojin - Colossal Titan - Ultimate Modeling Collection Figure (Plex)Shingeki no Kyojin - Colossal Titan - Ultimate Modeling Collection Figure (Plex)

Shingeki no Kyojin - Colossal Titan - Ultimate Modeling Collection Figure (Plex)
Scale & Dimensions
H=560mm (21.84in)
Release date
12/2014 As Standard
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Comments25 comments

I have this one, its awesome with polystone.. makes the finishing so dazzling. Quite captivating the more you look at it the more you grow into it. Ive seen the other good smile one in person and for some reason that one looks like its made out of rubber and the proportion is off, the base is meh and the extra details given to it... supposed to be smoke? Sure don't look nothing like it... this beats the good smile one hands down. My only complaint is the base could use more rubbles.. but still much better than the other one which has nothing, definitely an eye catcher!
6 months ago
angardia (1 year ago) #11881371honestly want one. but im so scared of the shipping cost and the customs xD

Agreed and this one looks much better in fair size than the other one with its hand hanging very nice
1 year ago
honestly want one. but im so scared of the shipping cost and the customs xD
1 year ago
And it took me awhile but I finally put up some User's pics of the Colossal Titan figure with the AoT Figmas. Notice that his back arm is removed and placed underneath him due to not having enough room since this figure is so massive. LOL
2 years ago
omg, want so much, but omg, that price D: maybe in my second life
2 years ago
Not sure what you guys are complaining about with the way it looks and disproportion or whatever... sounds to me like just a reason to tell yourself to not bother if you can't afford it or don't want to drop the money for this. It's the most expensive single figure purchase I've made in my entire collection but it was WORTH IT! It looks simply AMAZING! Looks fantastic with the Max Factory Figma AoT figures setup with it as well. It's not perfectly scaled but it still makes for a great display collection (which I need to upload pictures)! I like how this version of the Colossal Titan is full bodied (unlike the movie version). I highly recommend this figure piece to AoT fans! Just be sure to be careful with his unattached arm cause it can fall off easily if nudged (no magnet =/ ) and you don't want it to fall and break some fingers etc.
2 years ago
Not disproportionate enough! Completely off-model. In a different way from the other omghuge scale that is ALSO off-model...
3 years ago
shipping might cost more than 20,000yen
3 years ago
BBTS: www.bigbadtoyst...

Their price is very high, even compared to the price listed here.
3 years ago
How's this company's reputation for quality? My brother wants to preorder this.
3 years ago
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