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Bleach - Kuchiki Rukia - Action figures series 1 (Toynami)
Scale & Dimensions
H=180mm (7.02in)
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I was surprised how decent this figure was. It reminds me a lot of the Megahouse version. For 15 dollars you can do a lot worse
6 months ago
Kiz-xo2 years ago#52680634how much are these worth? in case anyone else wonders, I've seen them at Think Geek and Target for $25
1 year ago
how much are these worth?
2 years ago
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Found in some shops the message that this figure and ITEM #10903 will be released in Februari 2019. Is there someone that knows if this information is correct and if there will be more figures re-released in this line from Toynami.
2 years ago
If anyone is selling her, please send me a PM.
3 years ago
If anyone is selling please PM me. Thanks!
4 years ago
selling mine.
shipping worldwide
I sell all my collection.
6 years ago
her face will not win against the PAK one but it is superior to the Megahouse one. Still, as a whole, she is just alright. You can get her or the Megahouse one, it depends whether you're more concerned about face sculpt or quality as a whole
7 years ago
I'm selling mine. New and sealed! Only the box is a bit dusty.
SALE #46669
7 years ago
This is pretty similar to the Megahouse version. Wouldn't mind having her.
7 years ago
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