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Fate/Apocrypha - Mordred - 1/8 - Saber of "Red" (Phat Company)Fate/Apocrypha - Mordred - 1/8 - Saber of "Red" (Phat Company)

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Klon Solo Rei basta!
Evolution of MFC comments:

2017: No helmet, don't like the face, Ill skip her.
2018: Awww why didn't I pe order while I had the chance?! Anybody know where I can still get her?

I don't understand why you people complain about her. For my taste it's an exceptional good looking figure. All I desire more is that Phat produces good quality figures which are looking like the prototype.
1 year ago
Dynamic pose? Check.
Fully armoured? Check.


I want this so much I can't even
3 years ago
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Watches Fate/Apocrypha. Wonders if there are any Mordred figures and wow there are a lot. This is my fave though
8 days ago
Ok, I finally had time to display this figure on my collection and so far I only have bad things to point... First, when I opened the box I noticed the arm was broken. Like completly spearated from the rest of the body. I filled a form to Good smile company and they aknowledge it is a defect and are sending me a new main body. Yesterday I was trying to fix this with superglue until I get the new body and somehow another piece in the back broke. While I was putting the figure on display, I barely touched the sword with another figure and one of the side pieces moved in a way that I believe it is going to break soon.
So definetly think twice before buying this figure. I'm not satisfied with it... it's super fragile and breaks very easily.
23 days ago
Jeffle323 (2 months ago) #30994352I made the rookie mistake of ordering this from ToM didn’t realize their release dates were way behind like BBTS hope it arrives ok

She has been updated and already shows has ordered, maybe next week they will begin to shipped them out.
1 month ago
I was a little worried because of the comments, but I just received mine and she's amazing! I don't know if I got lucky, or others were just unlucky, but she's unscathed without any noticeable paint smudge. The base doesn't bother me as much as I thought, I actually kinda like it (´~`ヾ) Maybe I'm just biased because I love Mordred so much (´∀`)♡
She's also bigger than I thought, she could easily pass for a 1/7! Here's a picture next to her ''father'' for comparison. Were she standing straight, I believe she would be almost as tall as Saber.
2 months ago
Today arrived in perfect condition. I don't see any issues with paint or something like that. She is looking very good, but her base it's bad. Everyone know about that, so let's leave this topic. I like her dynamic pose and face. Her armor looks good, but I see a lot of plastick.
Overall - ver good lokking figure and best version with armor Saber. For now, of course.
2 months ago
yoshi278 (2 months ago) #31072914Same issue, her whole right arm and back armor pieces were broken which took about 1/2 to 1 hour to fix, was disappointing since it was my first experience with an expensive figure. Not sure if I want to double check and make sure the paint is ok :'(

I'm thinking of using alcohol to remove those paint smears, though I'm afraid it'll even wash off the original paint.
2 months ago
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