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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Moonlight Memory Series - Music Box - Hoshizora no Orgel - Gold ver. (Bandai)Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Moonlight Memory Series - Music Box - Hoshizora no Orgel - Gold ver. (Bandai)

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Preorder period: October 20 (13:00) - November 10 (23:00) p-bandai.jp/cha...

Music box plays "Moonlight Densetsu" when opened

Limit 5 per order

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Hey Bandai

3 years ago
Twenty years.

Twenty years I have waited for this moment.

What's another 5 months until I get to hold this beauty in my hands for the first time in twenty years.
3 years ago
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Selling mine for 150 euros brand new. PM me for details.
20 days ago
C’mon Bandai we need a rerelease of this, pretty please!
1 month ago
if anyone is selling in great condition for a reasonable price please pm me!!
5 months ago
They should re-release it, i wanna another one T_T
9 months ago
Selling it for 65€ shipping from Germany!
1 year ago
anyone selling?
1 year ago
lucy4 Free! Lover
Selling mine for 65€ plus shipping! Has only been opened one to check the contents!
2 years ago
I already have mine and seriously: I love it. It is the most beautiful thing I bought of the 20th anniversary.

I did a review for my blog, though it is in Spanish.
Anyway, the pictures are cute and you can see how it goes.

My review: kawaiigeeku.blo...
2 years ago
Mine has finally arrived. Some of you guys may know about my dislike for the Moonlight Memory series (generally speaking). Well, this is the first piece in that collection that I feel is worth the money. Probably because it's not a "Star Locket Compact Mirror" or "Star Locket Jewelry Box" - but an actual, functional music box. Plus the song sounds good imo. The fact that it becomes slower and slower as it reaches the end of the wind-up gives it a nice melancholic feel.

Handle it with gloves or with a piece of clean fabric between your skin and the plastic though. The instant your skin touches it, you get uncleanable prints all over the paint. Plus it's annoyingly easy to scratch.
2 years ago
nippon yasan did a great job on my bandai exclusive sailor moon preorders. congratulations to them.
didn't have to pay any tax so far which is nice too
2 years ago
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