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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Kamen - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Kamen - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Kamen - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)
Scale & Dimensions
H=160mm (6.24in)
Release date
04/25/2015 As Standard
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Hey you...Bandai...

Where the hell is my Sailor Pluto Figuarts?!
3 years ago
3 years ago
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I just wanted to say, I finally took this dude out of the packaging. I... do not like Tuxedo Mask, but this figure's cape is AWESOME. None of the pictures on here show off its brilliance: you can extend it way out to the side and have the second piece rotate over the center piece to cover the gaps. It's not perfect, sometimes you can see a small gap where the hinge is, but if you're clever with camera angles or move the cape to cover it it looks amazing. Have fun posing him like the silly person he is.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/ayybIBw.png

I put some examples in an imgur gallery because I'm cleaning and my room looks like shit. I just wanted to share my discovery, lol. imgur.com/a/Hzl...
1 year ago
I ordered him from hobby link japan during the sale for only ¥1,750! x3 He was shipped just over 2 weeks ago with unregistered SAL and he arrived today. He's the second sailor moon figuarts I have now after chibi moon and I can't wait to pair them together as father and daughter <3
1 year ago
1,750 Sale on HLJ :)


Finally bought him now lol.
1 year ago
HLJ <sale> ¥3000
2 years ago
samueoh (2 years ago) #3049624He is so worth the price. We are about to have all of the sailor scouts. I really wish that someone could make an motion film by using all these Sailor Moon Figuarts!! ><
That would be amazing!!! I'd watch it :D
2 years ago
Kind of want to make a custom Serenity and him with his armor... It would be so easy for Figuarts to make that, I don't want to try to make it and then have Bandai release the pair.
2 years ago
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