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Kuroko no Basket - Akashi Seijuurou - Master Stars Piece (Banpresto)Kuroko no Basket - Akashi Seijuurou - Master Stars Piece (Banpresto)

Kuroko no Basket - Akashi Seijuurou - Master Stars Piece (Banpresto)
Scale & Dimensions
H=260mm (10.14in)
Release date
06/16/2015 As Prize
Japanese17,121 hits • 49 comments7 likes



In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥3,465)

Product page : www.ninoma.com/...
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 31 USD | 26 EUR | 38 CAD
Selling him and Kuroko they are both the same size.
Asking Price total $25, because it's used and Akashi maybe missing the support piece, but he's still standable anyways.
Let me know and we'll discuss how I'll accept payment and mail.
Shipping in the U.S. only.
4 months ago
Absolutely love this figure, but I'm so disappointed because he came with so many black marks. He came to me completely new/sealed, but he has marks on his face, arm, neck and on his jacket/uniform. Nothing I do has been able to remove them (eraser, soap/water and even paint thinner) so I've just had to display him like that. :/

I love the size and quality of these figures, so has anyone else had these problems or did I just get extremely unlucky?
1 year ago
Anyone selling in the United Kingdom?
1 year ago
2 years ago
is there somewhere i still can get him?

edit- got him on mandarake, his face is so perfect
2 years ago
I wasn't planning to buy him but saw him during a convention the other day oO So I got him since I thought it was a pretty nice alternative to the megahouse one xD and I have to say that for a prize figure he's just so great and huge!
2 years ago
I was not planning to get him but I saw him for a very cheap price. :) MSP is <3
2 years ago
Hei guys, if you want a Kuroko no Basket nendoroid, of the character of your choice, please vote here:


I hope that we will one day get nendoroid figures of this great series!
2 years ago
Damn, my knb phase ended in, like, 2013 but when I saw him in stock on this one Finnish store... I-I just couldn't resist. He definitely won't arrive for christmas, though. Oh well.

Edit: he actually did come home for christmas. I am very pleasantly surprised; he's f**king huge and for the reasonable price I paid for him, the figure can't be more perfect.
2 years ago
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