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Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi (Media Factory)
Scale & Dimensions
H=50mm (1.95in)
Release date
03/2015 As Standard
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Attack on Titan - Collection Figure 6Pack BOX


Selling mine, sealed, brand new and unopened for $8.00 and free ship to US. PM if interested
4 years ago
It's bigger than I expected. At least bigger than One Coin Grande Figure Collection. Qulity is acceptable. They are so cute and chubby. I totally like them.
5 years ago
Hmm, I expected these to be bigger somehow, but they're really tiny for what you pay. Also my Levi had black marks and smudges all over his face which took a lot of intense scrubbing with a mr clean eraser to finally remove/ or scratch off with a scissor in one instance which left him imperfect. He still has some paint errors on his hair I can't do anything about. I feel they're extremely overpriced considering the poor QC and small size, wish I had waited for a sale.

Despite that he's very cute, as are the others which didn't have bad flaws.
5 years ago
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