Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Ken - ARTFX J - 1/8 - Awakened ver. (Kotobukiya)Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Ken - ARTFX J - 1/8 - Awakened ver. (Kotobukiya)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Ken - ARTFX J - 1/8 - Awakened ver. (Kotobukiya)
Scale & Dimensions
1/8  H=225mm (8.78in, 1:1=1.8m)
Release date
09/18/2015 As Standard
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Kotobukiya Shop Bonus: second head without mask


In stock @ JFigure.com (¥27,100)
Opened but the figure is in very good condition. No notable damages. Parts complete unless mentioned. Box is also in good condition.
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥21,498)

Brand New for ¥21,498
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Elione6 months ago#71198583Selling 2015 Version with Bonus head. Unopened. Australian based. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees. PM offers, pictures upon request~
17 days ago
17 days ago
Okay. Update. I received this guy, and I will tell you he is the prettiest figure I own out of over 100. He looks like a resin figure. I already had the repaint version, but never unboxed him. Once I got the used version of this one, I took him out and couldn’t get over him. Getting the version with the unmasked head is WELL worth it. Trust me. This will be the first figure that I have two of the same, original and repaint. I’m not selling the repaint. This figure of Kaneki is that awesome. I tell him how beautiful he is every day and give him a pat. Yes, I’m a loon who talks to her figures. https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/05/07/2433841.jpeg

I posted many pictures of him. The blood vessels radiating out from his back from where his kagune come out are no doubt hand painted. Even the way his hair falls over the back of his mask on the masked head. Every detail is perfection. That’s Kotobukiya for you.https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/05/07/2433831.jpeg

Now we just need a Juuzou figure from Koto, and my life will be complete. There are SO MANY ideas for figures you could create for Juuzou. Forever waiting. :(
20 days ago
Selling for 250 with bonus head in US
Brand New but I did open
* I only opened him to switch heads and placed him back in box and displayed him in box
21 days ago
Looking to buy the alternate head with no mask, please DM if selling!
21 days ago
I just purchased this beautiful, tortured soul on Mercari. I wanted his unmasked head to put on my repaint. I got him for $175. He was used, but in perfect condition and stored in a detolf. He pops up occasionally, so if you are in the US and willing to wait, you can find him much cheaper than most stores if you find the right seller.

With shipments being cut off from Japan and various other countries, turning to US sellers is the only real option right now. I’m not sure if Mercari is strictly in the US. It’s an app on the smartphone. There are photos of items and a simple chat system to communicate with the seller instead of having to email. Also, there is a money back guarantee if anything is wrong or not as described. All the sellers I have encountered are very understanding. I have never encountered a problem, and have had nothing but positive experiences buying anime figures on there. Also, there are ratings for every sale made by a seller, so you have an idea of the quality of their customer service. There is much more reassurance, which cuts out the uncertainty of buying from a random private seller. You never know what you’ll get sometimes. It’s super easy, as well.

I have only seen one counterfeit, and it was listed as being bootleg. Sometimes prices are way too high, but since there are multiple sellers, you will snag a deal if you bookmark the search and wait. Just giving y’all a heads up. Happy hunting, and stay safe! <3

Note: The listing below for Solaris Japan is for the repaint version. I emailed them about a month ago to double check before buying, because the price seemed too low. His unmasked is around $400 on there I believe. I bought from them once, and their customer service is great, though. They even emailed me to let me know they found damage on the figure and got another one for me for the same price. Just giving a heads up that the Kaneki listed on this page does not have the bonus head. And JFigure is amazing. They are my go-to for used figures, and I have ordered about five from them. Thanks, y’all. <3
28 days ago
Elione6 months ago#71198583Selling 2015 Version with Bonus head. Unopened. Still in orginal packaging. Australian based. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees. PM offers~
1 month ago