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Selling a few from the set. PM if interested.
9 months ago
Selling: €15, from ITALY to WORLDWIDE, paypal. Fees and shipping on buyer's behalf. Makoto, Rin and Haru available. ON HOLD.
1 year ago
Hello :-)
selling the full set for 80 Euro.
Located in Germany, PM me if you are interested.
3 years ago
Peeved at a YJA seller, who listed him as sealed without elaborating that he's broken from the base. They repacked the figure in another box which was mentioned and I didn't mind, but it turns out the box is smaller than the kuji box and the only way the figure could fit the way it did is if it was already broken in the first place so I am certain it's not my proxy's fault.

To be stupidly optimistic about this is that now I have a nice lemon base (there's a clear glue mark from where the figure broke off, otherwise not too noticeable) and a Sousuke I can pose without the base, and luckily I already have another Sousuke (I got 2 Sousuke bundles from different YJA sellers.)
5 years ago
3,000 yen mandarake ekizo.mandarake...
5 years ago
Selling :)
Plz PM
5 years ago
Would be taking orders for taito kuji tickets at 600yen + 200yen (proxy fee) = 800yen excluding shipping from Japan. Please note that prizes are random and you will not be able to choose the prize you want. Please PM me if you're interested and for more details! Thanks!
5 years ago
I've ordered my figure using a person I found off of tumblr (and her prices are decent compared to some I've seen...):

She's also selling the other taito goodies too:
5 years ago
Can someone explain me how/when/where to get the whole adorable set???
5 years ago
He looks so cute omg
5 years ago
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