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Magic Knight Rayearth - Shidou Hikaru - SP Figure Vol. 3 (Break)Magic Knight Rayearth - Shidou Hikaru - SP Figure Vol. 3 (Break)

Magic Knight Rayearth - Shidou Hikaru - SP Figure Vol. 3 (Break)
Scale & Dimensions
H=200mm (7.8in)
Release date
06/06/2015 As Prize
Japanese10,905 hits • 17 comments5 likes



Anyone else has her hair pink on the top of her head instead of red, like it was exposed to sun for a long time? I wonder if I got a defective one (seller said she was unused). Should I get a new one... I saw this ''lighter on top of head'' in a few other figures before (with light blue or dark pink hair), no idea if they are supposed to be like this or mine are defective. All are Prize figures.
22 days ago
herbal-milktea (1 year ago) #37597644looking to buy her with umi and fuu. please PM if you're selling the set! ^^

If you are still looking for this set I am selling mine. No boxes (because that was how I received them), and Fuu didn't come with her glasses either. But it would be $50 + shipping for the full set :D
7 months ago
looking to buy her with umi and fuu. please PM if you're selling the set! ^^
1 year ago
Selling her with Umi and Fuu. m.ebay.com/itm/...
1 year ago
Selling her $25.00 with shipping included in the USA.
Still sealed/unopened.

PM if interested.
2 years ago
Anyone want her have one with a slight defect one peg but still stands perfectly fine selling for $26 USA preferred with box and everything
3 years ago
A/B 1,380 JPY www.amiami.com/...
4 years ago
Even though the pose is very unusual (and nowhere to be found in any official image) she's a must have for any Rayearth collector, since it is the first Hikaru doll after 20 years.

Edit: I'm mistaken about the pose. It does appear in an official image.
4 years ago
Wow they really picked the most unflattering angle to photograph this figure from. When she sits at eye level she looks amazing. Though out of the three in this set, Hikaru is the worst done. Though she's still not bad by any means, just some hair clumping and paint streaks like you'd expect from prize figures.
4 years ago
is she using spirit gun?
4 years ago
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