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Strike Witches - Erica Hartmann - EX Figure (SEGA)Strike Witches - Erica Hartmann - EX Figure (SEGA)

Strike Witches - Erica Hartmann - EX Figure (SEGA)
Scale & Dimensions
W=80mm (3.12in)  H=160mm (6.24in)
Release date
08/2010 As Prize
Japanese10,944 hits • 19 comments1 like



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5 months ago
lol I just fixed the problem by putting wire around the part were the striker connects to the legs so you cant see it much and pulled it back genitally ting the wire to the stick part of the stand and it is held back perfectly, will replace the wire with fishing string with is almost invisible but strong so I cant see the wire/line, but if you cant do that just make a stand thingy that can fit into the stand socket and have that hold it up the way you want, it seems Sega forgot to remember about gravity here.........
4 years ago
This figure enrages me. Just got her in the mail, tried to fixate to her base, gave up for the night. The next day, tried yet again to fixate her to the base, and one of her propellers snapped in the midst of trying to do so.

Should've gotten Furyu's to match my Sanya and Gertrude...
5 years ago
Scouten Ex-Collector
i find it surprising people are having difficulties with this one mine sits in its base perfectly and i have no problem with moving it around. shes not as well done as minna but still if you can get both as a deal why not
6 years ago
She's the only one they didn't think through when deciding how she would stay with her pose. Love the figure, but gravity is not her friend.
7 years ago
This one is WAY more difficult to put together than my Yoshika was. I feel like the pieces aren't cut quite right to fit together. Getting her on her base is trick- I've yet to be successful. But so cute >_<

edit: Of course, all I had to do was vent my frustrations and now she wants to be in her base...
7 years ago
Diabolo-Menthe Old-school-Goth'boy
KamuginThey aren't so bad =/
But she fall off her seat like base very easily.

Yup i've just received them , some parts are not easy to put together (i am just awakening and coffee is not ready) but i found those 2 german girls adorable :-)
8 years ago
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