No Game No Life - Jibril - 1/6.5 (Amai Mitsu no Heya)No Game No Life - Jibril - 1/6.5 (Amai Mitsu no Heya)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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I own this nightmare of a GK, did add pictures of the horrific untouched cast.
Already worked on her for over 12 hours for just 80% of basic cleaning. Can't recommend this one to anyone then an very experienced GK builder.
2 months ago
002 ❤I love Zero Two❤
Schuldig6 months ago#77772377I do have the original, I would part with her

Do you have a price in mind?
6 months ago
I do have the original, I would part with her
6 months ago
I think this was a low volume GK that ran back around NGNL's release year. I've yet to see even ONE listing for it online, or her kit from Mad Roar based off her official artwork from the anime itself
9 months ago
Looking to buy her ^^
2 years ago
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Anyone know how/where I can buy this? I've never purchased a GK before...
3 years ago
Does anyone know how to get in contact with the maker, or where to possibly buy this?
4 years ago
i don't like the series/character/etc. but i loooooooove the way this was painted omfg!!!!
4 years ago
Just got mine and she has 3 faces?!? I checked the parts list and it says face x 2...oh wells.
She's big too. According to the piece of paper she's 1/6, not 1/6.5.
4 years ago
Kapotth4 years ago#10860488Sadly I cant japanse but with GoogleTranslator it seems likeit willnot ship to europe? Even so I dont think it gonna be easy to register there? xD
Man I need someone to buy and ship it x(

Most auctions on Yahoo only ship inside of Japan, you'll need a proxy. Here's one if you want a quick recommendation instead of searching yourself: www.fromjapan.c...
4 years ago