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Pocket Monsters - Gablias - Shirona - Nendoroid #507 (Good Smile Company, Pokémon Center)Pocket Monsters - Gablias - Shirona - Nendoroid #507 (Good Smile Company, Pokémon Center)

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Preorders will be accepted from March 7, 2015, to April 15, 2015.

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Based on popularity, N is totally next!

But my goodness, she's all I need for now!!!


3 years ago
Nintendo, realizing Nendoroids are worth the investment. Imma be so broke! </3

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Edit: Helpful ideas on how to buy Cynthia!
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Selidor (3 years ago) #2139556Ordering on Amazon JP basically works the same way as any Amazon site. You can change the language to English at the top-right of any product page (there's an option above the panel with the shopping cart button). The Pokemon Store page is here (the figure isn't up for order yet, but that's where it will be). When you check out, use the address of your preferred forwarding service as the shipping address (I use BiJ). You have to pay by card because the other options are Japan-only. Then you just follow the instructions of your forwarding service, and they'll invoice you for international shipping and service fees when it arrives.
Consider buying from SunyShore.com: www.sunyshore.c...
Very easy and hassle free! I have found this site to be very reliable!
I have also heard Tenso as a great forwarding site and there are some great tutorials on how to do this process.
Tenso: www.tenso.com/e...
3 years ago
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In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥8,895)

Product page : www.ninoma.com/...
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 79 USD | 67 EUR | 99 CAD
Stormwalker (29 days ago) #30905505Can someone explain to me what is the difference between the Cynthia version and the Shirona version?nothing except her name on the box
29 days ago
Can someone explain to me what is the difference between the Cynthia version and the Shirona version?
29 days ago
I sell her, in good conditions:
68 euro to europe (including shipping).
59 euro to italy (including shipping).
Look my profile for other action figures :)
29 days ago
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Selling! I believe I have the "Shirona" version. I'd have to check when I'm home.
3 months ago
Still available!
Olencia (9 months ago) #2090370245 + shipping OBO.
PM me.
4 months ago
selling mine www.ebay.com/it...
6 months ago
Looking to trade my new "Cynthia" version with "Shirona" version (I prefer the Japanese name). Please message me with description of item condition.
6 months ago
45 + shipping OBO.
PM me.
9 months ago
Available on GoodsRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
10 months ago
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