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Urushibara Yuki - Mushi-shi - Art Book (Kodansha)
Release date
06/19/2015 As Standard
860g, 192 pages, A4
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Looking to buy, I'm located in the EU. Please PM me~
26 days ago
if someone ever thinks of selling this please pm me! i've been searching for this book since forever ;;

Edit: I finally got it as a birthday gift! I couldn't be happier to finally own this!!
1 year ago
Just saw some pictures of it on ebay. To bad that no one uploaded some here. Anyway, this is the most strangest artbook form or book package that I have ever seen. Pretty interesting.
4 years ago
Recieved today! (Stupid SAL, so slow) soooooo worth the money - the quality is great, and urushibara's work is phenomenal, as usual.
5 years ago
Bought at Otakon...yay!
5 years ago
I lost pre-order on CDJapan T.T
5 years ago
On preorder @ Ixu's deviance for 43.70€
5 years ago
A Mushishi artbook? This is a dream coming true! *o* The price seems hefty for a A4 book with only 192 pages, but damn it's Mushishi and it's all in color: there's no way I can pass on this!

So far I've found PO opened on these shops:

HS: www.1999.co.jp/...
CDJapan: www.cdjapan.co....
AmiAmi: www.amiami.com/... slightly more expensive than retail price: 4.980 yen
Amazon.jp: www.amazon.co.j...
5 years ago
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