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Brand new sealed.

3 months ago
5 months ago
02/2020 - Still selling untill crossed out: boxless, like new. PM for pics. EU, intl shipping. Sold

Selling my entire collection LIST #113141
1 year ago
Paizuri おっぱいのコレクター
Selling her used like new for $95 free shipping. Pictures are in my profile.
1 year ago
Has anyone tried to forcefully remove that gooey stuff coming out of her private part between her legs? If so, does it leave a significant damage on the underwear?
2 years ago
Selling mine! CLASSIFIED #139436

Fee shipping within UK, contact for pictures or a shipping quote elsewhere! :)
2 years ago
Selling mine, SALE #125407

More figures for sale in my shop
3 years ago
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
3 years ago