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Jingai Makyo - Ignis - 1/6 (MR. Surprise)
Scale & Dimensions
Release dates
02/2010 As Limited
08/2009 As Limited
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Wonder Festival 2009 [Summer]


Is anyone selling this figure? All I see are the unpainted resins on ebay. :(
2 years ago
The hair. It's amazing. O.O
6 years ago
MOD Alert: No advertising bootlegs.
7 years ago
Word scramble/hunt will start this weekend.

Rules and instructions
Anyone can participate, however the previous winner cannot win another figure.

This is the pre-painted figure being given away: PICTURE #310099

You will have to pay for the shipping, packing materials and Paypal fees. I will do my best to pack her but I can't guarantee she will get to you in once piece. If you don't think this is fair, please do not participate.

There 37 letters, 1 punctuation, 1 number and 1 ascii symbol. The first character in the phrase is the letter S and the last character is the only ascii symbol.

These components form 9 words and one emoticon.

The proceeding have been seeded within one of my most recent photo shoots. They are located in the title of the various pictures in that shoot. For instance if you view a particular picture, if you look at the title, you will see the letter s, meaning s would be one of the components used to make up the phrase.

Once you think you have the phrase figured out and in the right order with the emoticon, then message me the phrase at the specified time. If you send it early, even if it's right I won't count it.

Submissions cannot be any earlier than 8 AM Eastern this Saturday, November 19. If you send me the phrase before 8 AM Eastern, I will not look at it.

Good luck!

I don't know what happened but I left out a couple letters. I put them in now, to make it easier, the missing letters are in the 1st page of the album in case you already looked through the album.

Here is a hint, 2 of the words: "IS" is the sixth word "A" is the fourth word, so you still have 7 words to figure out. Don't forget the emoticon.

The sentence is a contradiction of a phrase about the attribute of the figure/character that you found the letters scattered in.
8 years ago
stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
9 years ago
strictlystyles Closet Nerd
but mommy i want it!
10 years ago
I hope this gets released as a PVC soon. This looks stunning.
10 years ago