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Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter]


where can you get this figure (prepainted)?
5 years ago
Not of this Earth... Amazing!!!
5 years ago
is a amazing figure, but very expensive (finnish job)....
5 years ago
I will get her for sure...one day.
6 years ago
iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
This is still godlike..
6 years ago
does anyone know where can i get this model kit from? thanks
8 years ago
Could someone take some photos and upload them? The prototype looks amazing, but you know how that goes. I'd really appreciate it. Also, did you guys get the magnetic bra one from Hobbyfan's pre-painted one? (I'm assuming it's a recast, like all of their other ones).
9 years ago
got mine from e2046 today.
Sadly there were a number of flaws...
First off, she wobbles a bit when placed on the base.
And I think a tip of her hair broke during packaging T___T (im certain that it wasnt be as i was being VERY careful when taking it out)
One of her arm is rather loose at the joints.
And lastly, the hair extension was very loose as it didn't fit quite right, so i had to use bits of paper to tighten the joints
Highly anticipated yet highly disappointed as well...
9 years ago
Actually, I got the kit that was pre-painted (damned if I'll screw something like this up by doing it myself) and comes with a BFG as well as the Dragon Crescent Blade thing- but that's not listed here.

Yeah, the face is off, but everything else about it is pure win.
9 years ago
Her figure is super sexy and outfit is super cool, but unfortunately the face is super off and doesn't look like Kanu. Maybe have to swap the head with another kit?! kekeke....
9 years ago