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Sweet Pool - Sakiyama Youji (MEGALOMANICUS)Sweet Pool - Sakiyama Youji (MEGALOMANICUS)

This picture is not suitable for people under 18.
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Sweet Pool - Sakiyama Youji (MEGALOMANICUS)
Scale & Dimensions
H=130mm (5.07in)
Release date
Japanese22,589 hits • 82 comments18 likes



Was supposed to be sold at WF 2010 [Summer]


Selected Comments
and the worst part: never got to see that peen uncensored
3 years ago
i'm so angry they only did cancel this because it was a fucking male +18, but naked girls are hella okay. when will the companies understand that girls do buy both naked girls and boys bah
4 years ago
Recent Comments
I come back to this page a lot and think about how this could have been the first male centered nsfw figure ever made before the Native Aoba
and it makes me so sad it wasn't
2 months ago
I keep finding myself here. Geez.

And the worst part is that Togainu no Chi got like 10 scaled figures. Shaking my head.
2 years ago
Umm maybe he got cancelled because he looks like he's about to, ya know...

...Dump a**
2 years ago
Aw man~ I love Sweet Pool. Bummer they cancelled 'cuz I would have been all over this if it wasn't a gk
2 years ago
I'm so upset that this got cancelled, like it's such a great figure.! Ugh. My heart hurts.
3 years ago
I would literally pay money for it to become a project again and pay some more money to acquire it
3 years ago
How do I keep ending up here?! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR it's making me mad, cancelled figures!!!
3 years ago
Ughh I want this so much. I'm so sad that it never came to be. T__T Youji is such a beautiful boy
3 years ago
I don't mind his butt is exposed, naked is always better
But this pose is pretty.. weird
Its a shame that youji barely has figures, he deserves more
3 years ago
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