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High School DxD Born - Toujou Koneko - 1/7 (Pulchra)High School DxD Born - Toujou Koneko - 1/7 (Pulchra)

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High School DxD Born - Toujou Koneko - 1/7 (Pulchra)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  H=182mm (7.1in, 1:1=1.27m)
Release dates
06/29/2017 As Limited
12/26/2016 As Standard
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June 2017 re-run is limited to 300 pieces and available vie Pulchra and AmiAmi.


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the most fragile figure ever created, i receveid the 1rst one with broken stand, wing and scarf thank's god the 2nd was intact...
1 year ago
ferretinjapan (1 year ago) #25859582Still fighting the good fight i see :).

You know it lol! Even though it's literally going right back to them at the end of the month haha.
1 year ago
Shimakaze69 (1 year ago) #25854047It only took 9 months, but I finally got my refund from Amiami for the destroyed Koneko I had to send back!

Still fighting the good fight i see :).
1 year ago
It only took 9 months, but I finally got my refund from Amiami for the destroyed Koneko I had to send back!
1 year ago
i just whish someone in germany would sell a totally intact first release of this... i would be so happy to buy it,... but i wont buy the rerelease altough the base is nice its even worse than the first one lol
1 year ago
Looking to buy a sealed first release in the ~$200 range.

One popped up on Manda for 10k! Only shipping damage was to one of the thigh-high pleats (very minor). Feeling really lucky, this was my grail fig!
1 year ago
Shimakaze69 (1 year ago) #23101219Also, did Pulchra fix the padding issue with the second release?

Based on the few comments here, it sounds like the answer is a resounding no. I just don't know WTF Pulchra is thinking, she's resin FFS, resin doesn't bend or have any give in it, as such it needs to be completely encased. I feel really lucky now that she came to me in one piece, even though I think they botched other elements of her too like the base, design, and conflicting information before release. Still a good figure, but I question whether it is worth the hassle.

This figure will definitely go down in history as an example of what NOT to do when you do a figure. I'll forever be wary of Pulchra figures from now on thanks to this.
1 year ago
Jason_Wander (1 year ago) #23569230You got Cotton Balls!!! Man were you lucky, all I got was a piece of plastic that was wrapped around part of the fig.
Plus the bubble wrap on the outside of the box does no good for a resin fig.
Thankfully even though the wing and a ribbon broke off, it broke at the base so I was able to glue them back on.

I wasn't lucky enough considering one of her wings STILL broke off. Seriously those cotton balls did NOTHING to protect the figure! They were so damn thin they might as well not even been in there! I didn't get as lucky where the wing broke off at the base...to fix it I'd literally have to epoxy the wing back in place and then airbrush it with a matching gray wing color to make it look good as new. I can probably do it but...it sucks that I have to in the first place =/
1 year ago
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