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Brilliant Stars - Ririka (Flare)Brilliant Stars - Ririka (Flare)

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Knight-Hart (3 years ago) #3221662Huh, what's the origin?
seems to be a English preschool kindergarten in Bratislava http://666kb.com/i/d0od2bwfh30cgniui.gif
3 years ago
Alright, stunning is an accurate description. Surprisingly big, despite being curled up into a little ball too!
1 year ago
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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥14,327)

Brand New for ¥14,327
└ Packed with recycled materials ♻
25 days ago
To be honest, i really wish to have her in my collection, but i am also scare what if it is too fragile or the base is unstable... Does anyone has experience on paint transfer for this figure? (as in the figure painting stick onto the base..)
1 month ago
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Mine has not broken yet lol
5 months ago
BigSharkZ (5 months ago) #31355986Same exact thing happened to me; one of the stars on her scarf broke or rather fell on its own as I picked her up. So fragile :S
Same exact thing happened here. One slight mishandling and one of the stars on her scarf is on the floor. Too bad they didn't put a magnet in her, her base is pretty unstable.
5 months ago
orochimaruxsaber (11 months ago) #25019117i broke one of the stars on her scarf literally within the first 10 seconds of taking her out of the box - i'm clumsy yes, but just be careful around those stars everyone... btw by break, i mean it just kinda fell off without any actual plastic breaking, so it was really easy to just glue back on w/ plastic-safe super glue)
either way, this is a figure u probably wanna try to buy unopened since it's sooo fragile

Same exact thing happened to me; one of the stars on her scarf broke or rather fell on its own as I picked her up. So fragile :S
5 months ago
Her body length is approximately between 1/7 and 1/6 and head size is like >1/6 though, still very cute. Thanks HLJ.
5 months ago
she is sold
6 months ago
i am clearing space in my room and so i need to sell her. she very much like new. however due to how fragile this figure is I accidentally broke one of her stars off when i first got her while putting her together. but i still have that star piece. so due to her nature am selling her cheaply for $38 usd plus $10 shipping. it should be easy to repair to put the star in the right place and will just as new. I still have her original box but no hard plastic casing due to lack of room in my house. i will protect her very well in during shipment with lots of protection. there might be chance more stars will fall off during shipment due to figure nature however I will wrap her in way just in case more stars fall off they wont be lost and will be easy to put on right spot. US buyers only, pm me if interested
6 months ago
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