Strike Witches - Gertrud Barkhorn - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)Strike Witches - Gertrud Barkhorn - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Strike Witches - Gertrud Barkhorn - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)
Scale & Dimensions
1/8  H=195mm (7.61in, 1:1=1.56m)
Release dates
03/23/2011 As Standard
08/2010 As Standard
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kamadoma and Ayanami Rei
just ordered her for 3180 yen pre-owned in Amiami. I like Trude more over Erica in their pairing, and since I like the pose on this over the Alter one, I preferred to get Koto versions.
6 years ago
IridescentFall いいよ~
I have her for sale in like new condition for $40!
6 years ago
I found her pre-owned (but unopened!) on AmiAmi. I actually like this version better than Alter's Barkhorn. I've always thought something about the eyes on Alter's version wasn't quite right and that the fanservice was just a little bit too aggressive. Now, just waiting for Alter's Hartmann to pair her up with.
7 years ago
For sale for $80:
SALE #18516:
8 years ago
6000yen New ekizo.mandarake...
8 years ago
ShadowstitchI still want to get this Gertrud -- only 44 people own her? I can't believe she's not more popular.

I'm guessing it's because people want the Alter version. I prefer the pose/face on this figure to the Alter version.
8 years ago
I still want to get this Gertrud -- only 44 people own her? I can't believe she's not more popular.
8 years ago
zzz ordered her from hlj.. they could had hold her for 5 hours when my gold saw ship in to them and sent it off together but no... now I have to wait for the back order to arrive again don't think I want to deal with them again. It is as if they don't care for their customers compared to all the other site I've dealt with
9 years ago
With each new release Koto is improving the quality of its Witches. Trude is the best one until now =)

I hope some company release her with the Me-262 strike unit.

And a Yoshika with the Shinden unit too =)
9 years ago
I have all kobukiya strike witches released so far. This is my favorite one along with Lynette.
9 years ago
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