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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
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Madogatari Exhibition Tokyo: 2015.November.27 ~ 2015.December.2
Madogatari Exhibition Osaka: 2015.December.22 ~ 2015.December.27
Madogatari Exhibition Sapporo: 2016.January.09 ~ 2016.February.14

Orders via Aniplex+ can be placed between the 19th February 2017 from 10:00JST the 31st May 2017 at 24:00JST.
Orders will close earlier if upper limit is reached.


looking for this!!!
1 month ago
PM me if selling, I'm located in the US! <3
3 months ago
selling mine for 40€ + shipping, displayed in a detolf in a non smoking household away from sunlight. willing to ship WW but be aware of high shipping cost if you're outside of the EU
6 months ago
Selling mine: $34. Shipping from Russia: ~$12. SOLD
1 year ago
Looking to sell mine. She's brand new in box, looking for $45 shipped. PM if interested. US shipping only.sold
2 years ago
goddessxaqua Queen's Watchdog's Wife
Selling mine: $45 free shipping, US only
3 years ago
In stock @ Figuya (69.90€)
Shipping worldwide! Direct link: figuya.com/de/p...
drill in the head, kybuubei in the hands
3 years ago
Looking to sell mine for 50$, you pay for shipping and I handle the PayPal fees. I bought her myself at Anime Expo, she's been opened but not displayed, so she's in perfect condition!
3 years ago
MidNight124 years ago#21605548im going to japan in two month, does any one know which exact store where i can go to and pick this pick-up? i don't really know how limited this is since it got released four time.

Just got back from Japan yesterday. Saw her at quite a few stores in Akihabara (all second-hand but unopened), and specifically at AmiAmi for about 5000 JPY.
4 years ago