Kangoku Gakuen - Shiraki Meiko - Noodle Stopper Figure - Cool (FuRyu)Kangoku Gakuen - Shiraki Meiko - Noodle Stopper Figure - Cool (FuRyu)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Kangoku Gakuen - Shiraki Meiko - Noodle Stopper Figure - Cool (FuRyu)
Scale & Dimensions
H=130mm (5.07in)
Release date
02/26/2016 As Prize
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3 months ago
Selling mine from France. New and sealed : 35 €.
Seller with 100% positives evaluations.
Shipping : Free to France, 17,50 € to European Union and 37,10 € to US, Canada.
6 months ago
Selling brand new. $45 free shipping in US. Pm for pictures. Have both version for the same price.
1 year ago
Available on GoodsRepublic
1 year ago
Very nice figure, very good paintjob and so far no flaws at all.
Perfect pose for X-Mas greetings ;-) (see pic)
2 years ago
I have both cool and hot..got it from Toysanta..and yes there's a difference between cool and hot version:
Hot ver. - she's sweating, mouth in O shape...and I think she's blushing a bit

Cool ver. - she's not sweating, her mouth is closed and no blush.
4 years ago
Some paint defects and the lens of her glasses are foggy. But I must say I love what I see under her skirt. :3
4 years ago
Got her! For some reason, something about her face seems slightly off, like it isn't defined enough. I also think the glasses could have been done better. However, for a prize figure and for the price point, I think she's very much worth it and I'm glad to have this Meiko!! She's so funny, I've got her propped up on my side table in the living room for now haha.
4 years ago
bought both version last week
only mouth is different
4 years ago
4 years ago