Bleach - Kurosaki Ichigo - HQS - 1/6 - Final Getsuga Tenshou (Tsume)Bleach - Kurosaki Ichigo - HQS - 1/6 - Final Getsuga Tenshou (Tsume)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Limited to 1000 pieces.

Price: 369 € Inc.Tax.

Pre-Orders Live from the 12th of September 2015 at Tsume Webshop. Currently scheduled for Quarter 2 of 2016.


If anyone is currently selling one PM me please.
3 months ago
Selling mine for 650€, PM me if your interested ;)
9 months ago
I have one for sale
In great condition
PM if interested
Prefer to ship in US
International buyers may PM if interested as well just shipping may be pretty high
10 months ago
Anyone planning to sell this pm me please
1 year ago
Selling mine for $540, in excellent condition. Comes with everything except the original brown cardboard shipping box, ships from Boston, MA. PM for pictures and shipping quote.
1 year ago
Citron1 year ago#58979987Selling perfect condition
Location canada
Still available?
1 year ago
1 year ago
Selling mine USD 600,00 including shipping.
1 year ago
Selling perfect condition
Location canada
1 year ago
2 years ago
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