One Piece - Nico Robin - HQS - 1/7 (Tsume)

One Piece - Nico Robin - HQS - 1/7 (Tsume)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  W=500mm (19.5in)  L=300mm (11.7in)  H=450mm (17.55in, 1:1=3.15m)
Release date
06/2017 As Limited
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Limited to 1800 pieces for 449 Euros
Pre-orders start the 31th March 2016 at Tsume Webshop, currently schedule for the first semester 2017


Yup disappointed in the pvc body, as a whole this still turned out really nicely. Favourite piece from them despite all the controversy surrounding her, but i'm done with this company.
5 days ago
I just received her today, so just a heads up that she may be on her way to you without a notification lol. I'll upload photos in a bit, but for now I have a few over in my instagram stories EDIT Uploaded some HQ photos.

Some first impressions: She's huge. 100% not a 1/7. After measurement she comes in as a large 1/6 scale (at just below 13 inches). That's not necessarily a negative, but is Tsume going to make this their new scale for their One Piece figures? She absolutely towers over Zoro and Usopp (Robin and Zoro are canonically only 7cm/3inches apart in height). They do not look good as one cohesive collection. So will we see an updated sculpt for those two in the future?

As far as the PVC and Resin pieces, yes, you can tell by sight alone that her skin and hair are PVC. Frankly, the PVC used on her legs doesn't look very high quality and has a very plasticy look about it. Her outfit you can feel is PVC, but by looks can pass as resin.

It is a very impressive looking figure on it's own
5 days ago
I just got the notification that she has been shipped!!!

I wont be to go home and open her for a couple of weeks, but I'm so excited ^^
5 days ago
Anyone selling?
Pm me if ur selling ( with price)
7 days ago
Did any regular customers get shipping confirmation for Robin?

Tsume sent out and e-mail on the Aug 23rd saying "Nico Robin HQS By Tsume should be shipped around mid-September. As you may have heard, the Tsume Team will have a break at the end of September until early October. This means that only a part of the sendings will be done before our departure. Obviously, we will resume the sendings once we are back."

Then in their newsletter on the 21st of this month "The TSUME team will be on a business trip from September 22nd to October 3rd included."

So did anyone's Robin ship? The more I deal with this company the more I dislike them.
20 days ago
ShadowVII (25 days ago) #26240704''Soon'' as in within a week or by the end of october :P?

Never ordered from there so I dont know what "soon" means. But its enough to get me hyped xD
24 days ago
''Soon'' as in within a week or by the end of october :P?

hoppelhasen0 (1 month ago) #25993936German webshop Figuya made me pay my Robin since they said she will soon arrive in their shop. I am excited!
25 days ago
2.5K + a nami pop sailing again 2
25 days ago
robin tsume selling for 2.5k dm me
25 days ago
German webshop Figuya made me pay my Robin since they said she will soon arrive in their shop. I am excited!
1 month ago
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