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Touken Ranbu - Online - Tsurumaru Kuninaga - 1/8 (Hacca)Touken Ranbu - Online - Tsurumaru Kuninaga - 1/8 (Hacca)

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Mail order will be accepted between the 7th February 2016 22:00JST to the 29th February 2016 23:00JST

White Resin: 14.000 Yen(international shipping via EMS)
Prepainted: 34.000 Yen(no international shipping)

Blogpost: hxatoms.blog.fc...

Orders will be closed once an upper limited is reached.


Selected Comments
Leosach Born this way
OMG someone PLEASE hire this sculptor to make ALL Touken Scaled figures...
3 years ago
*cries onto this Tsuru's shoulder after witnessing Orange Rouge's painted face*
3 years ago
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razop90 (11 months ago) #28714882If anyone is selling it plz let me know :)Aoichan (1 year ago) #19623371How can i have him : ((( i missed T.T

There's a painted one up for sale on Ebay for $365:


No clue if it was from one of the artists sold kits or a recast though, but just in case anyone was looking....
5 months ago
If anyone is selling it plz let me know :)
11 months ago
Aoichan (1 year ago) #19623371How can i have him : ((( i missed T.T

You can find him for regular price at YJA
1 year ago
How can i have him : ((( i missed T.T
1 year ago
WOE! Let's make more boy figures like this please!
1 year ago
East wow
give him back his nipples
2 years ago
Terrence Let's start from zero
Yo, if this sculptor can do Gintoki or Katsura from Gintama in a similar style (as in showing their abs partway), I would throw all my money. I would consider learning how to paint garage kits, lmao.
2 years ago
Sold, thanks! <3
2 years ago
Received my kit today! Sato also emailed me telling me that she had accidentally sent another kit to the JP address I used to register for my account. She requested that I send it back via COD. OTL
2 years ago
Faraiya (2 years ago) #7480260I did contact them on 8. of march and got answer a few days later (see EDIT in my first post). I still have no mail for shipping, will wait a few more days before I mail again.
EDIT: Got shipping mail today 21.03. ^_^

Thanks for the info! I got mine today too! XD
2 years ago
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