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Comments • Go! Princess Precure - Aroma - Cure Mermaid - Pafu - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)

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    I love Cure Mermaid but this figure is extremely disappointing...None of the problems from Cure Flora's figuarts have been fixed. If anything it's worse. Her hair is hollow so it's not terribly heavy, but it still heavily limits her head and shoulder movements. Like Flora, her legs range of movement is incredibly small; she can hardly stand more than shoulder width apart and she cannot kick her legs out in front or behind her. Incredulously, she can't seem to point her toes either- a type of flexion that's kind of essential for any feminine figure...

    There's a reason why all the promotional photos have her standing in relatively straight up-and-down poses. And while they all look nice, they aren't the same iconic poses as those from her henshin, which is something I've come to expect from any figure of a character with a transformation sequence.

    I understand how difficult it must be to make posable figures of Cures, what with their complicated costumes and hairstyles, but then a figure like this shouldn't be so expensive and exclusive. Sorry Minami : (
    9 months ago
    AmiAmi Pre-owned ITEM:A / BOX:B www.amiami.com/...
    11 months ago
    She's gorgeous ♥ I wonder if her hair will be immobile, though.
    2 years ago
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