The King of Fighters XIII - Shiranui Mai - Skytube - 1/5 - Omega Style, Hipline ver. (Alphamax)The King of Fighters XIII - Shiranui Mai - Skytube - 1/5 - Omega Style, Hipline ver. (Alphamax)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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The King of Fighters XIII - Shiranui Mai - Skytube - 1/5 - Omega Style, Hipline ver. (Alphamax)
Scale & Dimensions
1/5  H=330mm (12.87in, 1:1=1.65m)
Release date
12/2010 As Standard
Catalog ID
Japanese23,885 hits • 49 comments25 likes



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1 year ago
Bloempje Hunting my grails
having her four years now, and still love it to death. <3
3 years ago
KingsleyKun4 years ago#5942855https://media.giphy.com/media/10zcXdVzzDic4o/giphy.gif
3 years ago
4 years ago
(Deep, deep breath) Okay, after one of the most tactical bartering deals of all time with Mandarake (13,380Y out of pocket), she is (hopefully) not opened/box damaged, inside of a giant Mandarake box, sitting in my cubicle. (Can't open here due to content)

The box makes a weird, jinglely, metallic sound, like a Christmas ornament (I've looked over all the pictures, and do not see anything that should be making this noise. Or they sent me the wrong figure (again))

I am praying to ALL of the Gods out there that:

(In order of importance)

A. It's an Alphamax Saigado Mai Special Back Cover Mai in the box.

B. That said figure is complete and unbroken. (Haha Destiny reference! Wait, where are you going?)

C. That said figure is indeed not opened/ box damaged

D. That there are the same white silk straps for getting her out of her box as some of my other Alphamax offerings.

This figure has had Legendary status in my wishlist, was released during my exile of figure collecting (2006-2010), and is one of those that "Got away and then proceeded to utterly skyrocket in price"

So Kami-sama, Many Faced God, Spirit of Roanapur, and The Ruby Eyes, (claps hands together twice)

Edit: Okay, maybe that bizarre sound is one of those "Do Not Eat" pellet packets that absorb moisture.
4 years ago
Leosach Born this way
This should get a re-release but hey... impossible dream... :/
5 years ago
Got one in yahoo auctions today. perfect condition. less than 15000Y. ^^
5 years ago
In stock @ Japan Best
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